Explore the #AmplifyFE Community Map

The saying goes ‘Travel far enough to meet yourself’ so why not Travel far enough to grow yourself – throughout February we invited the #AmplifyFE community to come on a journey with us on social media as we explored our AmplifyFE community map together with daily highlights and activities to get involved.

Look back over our daily hashtag highlights with the below interactive community map.

We encouraged the community to get involved by checking off a few things from their ‘travel checklist’ 

  • Challenge yourself this month by attending an event promoted within the #AmplifyFE community, something you haven’t been to before where you could learn something new!
  • As our community grows, why not make a friend – Introduce yourself to a member of the #amplifyFE community today or why not introduce yourself using the hashtag #amplifyFE
  • You can now add yourself and your community hashtag to our community map. To add yourself, head over to the remixer and checkout this handy video on how to! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egHqyGprNEY
  • Share something you have learned via the #amplifyFE network this month with your community and highlight the hashtag you learnt from
  • #AmplifyFE launched in October 2020 and we already connect hundreds of professionals. If you have a project or network and would like to connect with our #FE community, use #amplifyFE in your updates and we’ll help you amplify them.

Add your hashtag to our map

You can now add yourself and your community hashtag to our map. To add yourself, head over to the remixer.