About AmplifyFE

AmplifyFE connects 3000+ professionals in Further Education and Vocational Education. Established in 2020, our network links communities of practice for digital learning, teaching and assessment. Through the partnership between the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) and Ufi VocTech Trust, AmplifyFE supports professionals to share, collaborate and learn.

The network enables vocational teaching staff to acquire, develop and share the digital and digital pedagogical skills they need, with the ultimate aim of catalysing change across the UK so that significant scale can be achieved in digital vocational learning for adults. As the leading professional body for Learning Technology in the UK, with nearly 30 years of experience in supporting such communities, ALT is well placed to lead on this development.

Celebrating our impact

We regularly showcase AmplifyFE at national events including the Week of VocTech and the ALT Annual Conference, Jisc’s Digifest and the SET Conference as well as online events throughout the year. Explore our free reports and resources to learn more.

AmplifyFE as a network also provides insight into the changing sector landscape, leverage for policy work and advocacy, aligned with both ALT’s and Ufi’s strategic priorities. To celebrate our partnership work reaching this three year milestone, we are proud to share this summary report:

Report cover that links to the report

Learn more about the partnership with ALT and Ufi VocTech Trust.